Cycling In Sardinia


Sardinia is an excellent destination for a cycling holiday. Heading out on your bicycle enables you to witness the authentic Sardinia in all her glory and mysterious beauty. In the last several years cycling has increased in popularity, beginning to rival well-known Mediterranean neighbors. Enthusiasts, flock to Sardinia because of the spectacular countryside, spiralling coastal paths, and quiet roads.

Cycling in Sardinia - A guide to Sardinia

A Surprise Around Every Bend

This island will never leave you bored. The rugged terrain, breathtaking views, and abundance of nature will keep you entertained, as you peddle away. Crowded in Sardinia are spectacular ancient sites, most notably neolithic Nuraghi which can be found at almost every vantage point in the countryside. These sites, as well as other neolithic structures, ancient wells, caves, and even fantastic rock formations, provide a whole host of areas for a short break. Or to admire from the seat of your bicycle.

The hilly inland landscape creates stunning scenery to cycle through and rewards quickly following any uphill sections. The hills dictate curvy roads; the path slowly comes revealed to the rider.

An Excellent Cycling Spot For All Skill Levels

Sardinia is a big island and changes its style and shape over every horizon. There is a bike route for everyone. Are you looking to test your endurance on a steep mountain path, glide across the landscape or navigate your way through a forest? Sardinia has it all.

There are routes for families, groups, and individuals. The roads are tranquil, but you need to be aware of cars coming around the bends as they won’t be expecting cyclists.

Popular Cycle Routes Through Sardinia

The north-east region is very popular with cyclists. It is home to the Costa Smeralda which attracts many tourists during the summer. Bikes can be rented all across this region.

The Road Between Alghero And Bosa

This route is spectacular. A distance of 45km links up two of the most distinctive and picturesque towns in Sardinia. Both are a must-visit to anyone visiting Sardinia.

The climb is 850m as you travel down a stretch of roads passing a volcanic mountain range, while the glistening sea is always in view. You can read the itinerary on

The Big Loop – Cycle Around The Whole Island

If you have two weeks and are looking a mighty challenge, you may consider the big loop.

This 14-day adventure begins in Cagliari before heading anti-clockwise around the island. You will experience all the terrains and witness how culture changes from one town the next. You will stop in the beautiful cities such as Muravera, Lanusei, Cannigione, Castelsardo, Alghero, Cabras, Sant’Antioco, Pula before arriving back into Cagliari.

Throughout this journey, you will visit some of Sardinia’s most ancient sites, the iconic SS125, the Island of Sant’Antioco while being accompanied by a sea view.

The Best Time Of Year For Cycling In Sardinia

Cycling is most prevalent on the island during spring and autumn; traffic is a rare sight during these periods, as the mass of tourists congregating at beaches has returned home. Summers are sweltering, but most cyclists can ride during the early morning and late afternoons. The number of cyclists in Winter drops dramatically, although this season brings the ideal conditions for cycling, yet there is the odd chance of snow in the mountainous region.

sardinian road panoramic road

How Are The Road Conditions?

The roads in Sardinia are on the whole well maintained and great for cycling. The asphalt takes you into the heart of Sardinia, unknown to tourists and far from the big towns. Although in some small rural areas, I have seen some poor roads, often these are very small and usually used by farmers. Signage in Sardinia can be misleading, and it may send you a much longer way, so it’s essential to use GPS or cycle with a guide.

Renting Bicycles In Sardinia

Are you looking to rent a bicycle in Sardinia? There are countless locations across the island where you can rent bicycles — road, mountain, touring, city, and electric bikes. I have seen the prices vary from €20-40 with some extremely high spec bikes. If you rent for one week, you can generally save 20-30%.

It’s nice to collect a bike knowing that it’s finely tuned and ready to ride. You will also see a whole range of bikes so you can choose the one that’s ideal for you and your type of cycling adventure.

Aside from the numerous pick-up locations, some bicycle companies will have a service where they can deliver to an address.

The larger bike companies will have several popular sites so that you can return the bikes quickly, having reached your destination.

If you are staying in Cagliari, there is a bike-sharing initiative, where you can use a bike for €8 for 4 hours and explore the fantastic city.

Staying Safe While Cycling In Sardinia

Cycling has grown in popularity very quickly. Previously, locals cycled from one town to the next for supplies and to see friends. Today, travelers from across Europe and beyond, come to cycle through Sardinia.

The roads are quiet, but locals and tourists driving won’t be expecting cyclists. It’s important to wear bright clothing that can be seen from a distance, as well as helmets.

There will be many steep ascents, alongside dramatic descents, so ensure that your breaks are working well.

Sardinia is a hot climate, so make sure you bring plenty of water with you and sun protection if needed.

cycling in sardinia

Cycle Tours In Sardinia

A bike tour allows you to share Sardinia with a group of like-minded people whether cycling with friends, a club, colleagues, or even with strangers that will soon become friends. The tours in Sardinia are from a one-day experience up to serval weeks. If you like cycling and exploring new locations, then a bike tour is for you.

You find a tour that is right for you at

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