How Much Does Food Cost In Sardinia?


When deciding upon a travel destination, it can be useful to understand the cost of food and eating out at restaurants so you can calculate your budget. When looking for a good place to eat in Sardinia, a simple trick to eat tasty authentic food while saving on the bill is to see where the locals are eating.

As you may expect, Sardinia cares deeply about good food, just like the rest of Italy. The cuisine of Sardinia remains tied to tradition, with many chefs bound to age-old recipes that have been passed down for generations. Throughout the whole of Sardinia, there is a focus on fresh quality ingredients, most of which are grown in Sardinia. At the coast, restaurants specialize in seafood dishes, while further inland restaurants will focus on meat dishes. Many restaurants will specifically target tourists, while local affordable restaurants can go unnoticed.

The Cost Of A Meal In Sardinia

The cost of a meal in Sardinia depends on where you go, there is a wide spectrum of restaurants. If you are worried about value, then it makes sense to avoid the Costa Smeralda, and designer resorts. The high-end restaurants in these areas will quickly burn a hole in your pocket, as will some restaurants Porto Cervo and Palau, where a meal could be anywhere between €100 – 500+. This would soon add up especially when travelling with a family.

If you want to dine out and enjoy a great meal without the high costs, don’t worry then there are still many places in Sardinia to eat. From a typical restaurant in Sardinia, you can expect a plate of pasta for around the €10 mark, and a fish or meat dish for €15.

You can expect a three-course meal for €25-30 for dinner, per person. Lunch costs from €10-15 per person for a set meal.

Restaurant menus in Sardinia are placed outside the establishment, so you can understand the price of a meal before going inside. This gives you a chance to compare what different restaurants are offering. You can avoid any overly expensive places, without having to leave before you’ve ordered an appetizer, and maybe sniff out any tourist traps.

Usually, you can use the cost of hotels in a particular area as a barometer for the cost of the restaurants.

How Much Do Drinks Cost In Sardinia?

The price of a beer in Sardinia costs between € 2-4, bottles are generally cheaper than draught beer. The most popular beer in Sardinia is Ichnusa which can be found in every bar, restaurant, and supermarket. Sardinia also has several artisan beers which are more expensive but taste great. But there is a large price difference between these artisanal beers and Ichnusa.

The price of house wine in Sardinia is between €10-15 a litre. House wine in Sardinia is generally of very high quality. Better bottles of wine will begin. In designer areas such as the Costa Smeralda, wines are sold on the assumption that the more expensive it is the better it is, though this isn’t the case.

Daily Costs For Food On A Budget

If you take a coffee at the bar with a croissant for breakfast, eat lunch from the supermarket or market, and an evening meal at a good value restaurant. Then you should be about to keep your daily food costs just under €40 a day.

Finding Inexpensive Food In Sardinia

If you are looking for tasty, inexpensive food in Sardinia, look to Pizzerias and Tavola Calda.

Pizzerias can be found in almost every town, look for a wood-fired oven. Expect excellent quality pizza for €4 to €8. I have had my best pizza (outside of Naples) in Sardinia.

A Tavola Calda translates to ‘hot table’ it can be compared to a deli or canteen. They sell pre-prepared dishes that can be heated or taken home. Food is sold by weight, and it’s a very affordable option for lunch.

Supermarkets usually have a deli counter, where you can have sandwiches made, with a choice of local cheese, meats, and grilled vegetables. Costing a couple of euros each. It’s my favourite lunch option when spending the day at the beach.

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