Internet Connectivity, Wifi, And Using Mobile Phones In Sardinia


If you are travelling to Sardinia and want to stay connected to the internet and use your phone to make calls, this article should help. Don’t worry it’s all pretty simple.

Internet connectivity in Sardinia is widespread, there are numerous internet providers on the island, creating a great internet service.

Using your phone abroad is much simpler today, especially within Europe. If you have a phone contract from a country in the European Union, then you can use your data, calls, and texts in Sardinia, or anywhere in the EU (except Switzerland) as you would normally in your own country. Make sure you check your phone tariff before using your phone in another country

If you are visiting Sardinia from outside of Europe, then you will need to buy an internet tariff sim card for your phone.

The main coverage providers are TIM, Wind and Vodafone.

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