Are There Snakes In Sardinia?


Yes, there are snakes in Sardinia, and it is not uncommon to see them in the countryside. However, you’ll be pleased to know that Sardinia has no poisonous snakes, due to its isolation from the European continent for millions of years. The fauna was able to develop on its own without any poisonous reptiles on the island.

Sardinia is probably the closest place to paradise. Normally, the most beautiful places in the world are filled with dangerous reptiles. But in Sardinia, you are free to roam safely with a little common sense. Indeed, you don’t even have the threat of earthquakes in Sardinia. 

Let take a look at some of the most common snakes in Sardinia, so you can recognise them if you see them, and stay safe.

The Most Common Snake in Sardinia

The Biacco is green, yellow and black, it’s the most common species of snake on the island. It’s classified in two ways, Hierophis viridiflavus, and formerly as Coluber viridiflavus. It is a snake of the Colubridi family. It is not poisonous. 

are there snakes in sardinia biacco snake

This snake is often encountered in both the countryside and gardens. They both types of environments, rocky, dry and sunny soils, and also wet, humid places such as grasslands and riverbanks.

It will make a fast escape when it notices someone nearby, trying to find a safe place. If for some reason the snake feels threatened and is blocked from escaping, it will bite. These are not very strong bites and are not poisonous. 

However, if the snake is picked up it won’t hesitate to defend itself with more force. The Biaccio snake with be more aggressive, biting multiple times in quick succession. 

This snake is completely harmless to humans with a little common sense not to make it feel threatened. 

Other Species Of Snakes In Sardinia

Natrix Maura

The Natrix Maura has a similar resemblance to a viper, but it is not poisonous. This species of snake is common all across the Mediterranean, including the north-west of Africa, south of France, and the Iberian Penisula. They are also common through the whole of Sardinia.

does sardinia have snakes

There have been cases of this snake entering into local homes in Sardinia causing a great panic as it looks similar to a viper. This snake can grow to around 1 metre. The colouration varies from yellowish-brown to greenish-grey.

If this snake feels threatened and unable to escape. It usually serves a series of blows with the force of its body and head, usually with the mouth closed. Sometime it will choose to bite, these are not poisonous. This snake is often called a water snake as it spends most of its day in or near rivers and stream. They always prefer moving water. 

Natrix Natrix or Grass snake

This snake is common across Europe, Asia, and Africa with many different breeds. Sardinia is home to the breed known as Cetti, although it is still considered a rare snake, and there is still much to learn about it. 

snakes in sardinia

It is a white and grey snake and can grow to more than 1 metre 20 centimetres. This species of snake is free to roam around many different environments, they like wet places such as streams, but can be found anywhere in the countryside looking for food.

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