Biodynamics: A New Chapter For TotalSardinia

My love for the island of Sardinia is linked very closely with the nature of Sardinia. I spend most of my time in Sardinia growing vegetables, walking through the countryside, and waiting for the wine and olive harvests in the Autumn.

During my time in Sardinia I was introduced to Biodynamics, which is a method of farming that I have chosen to explore in further depth by partaking in a two-year training course in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

I will be returning to Sardinia for holidays at any opportunity if the Covid19 situation allows, the beautiful island and culture is always in my heart. As there is so much uncertainty at the moment I have decided to stay in the UK for the time being.

biodynamics sardinia

I will be diving into biodynamics over the next two years, learning as much practical knowlegdge I can to grow better, tastier, and more nutritious food with harming the soil or the environment. Once I have finished my course I will decide whether to stay in the UK or move to Sardinia. I hope the training will put me in a position capable to take on a piece of land, and sustain my friends and family on the produce, as well as improve the land by planting new trees, and revitalising the soil.

I will still be writing about Sardinia, but it won’t be from a first hand experience, as I am not physically on the island to do so. I intend to research interesting historical and cultural topics about Sardinia and post new articles once a month.

I have decided to broaden TotalSardinia with writings on biodynamics as my course progresses. This is mostly for my own benefit, as producing content really helps me to understand ideas more dynamically. Also, I apprehend that biodynamics is not widely understood at all, it still remains on the periphery I see a method of farming that has the potential to ease many of the problems that we face or will most likely face as a society in the coming decades. It does feel that we are entering very challenging times, that will force us to make big changes to our way of life. We have to adapt, as we have always done.

You will find all of the articles relating to biodynamics at totalsardinia/biodynamics

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