Does It Snow In Sardinia?

Sardinia is positioned near to north Africa, so as you can imagine the climate is very warm and almost never falls below freezing. However, in areas of Sardinia higher than 500 meters above sea level, snow is known to fall.

It is very difficult to imagine Sardinia covered in a layer of snow, but it can happen. In the mountainous region of Gennargentu it is common to find snow on the mountains for four to five months in the year.

The north of the island is more prone to snow, as the climate is slightly cooler. But the mountainous regions are most affected by snow.

January 1985 and February 2012 are two dates in recent times when snow-covered this Mediterranean island. It even caused schools and roads to be closed. It could be a while until we see another covering of snow across Sardinia.

Watch this video showing the snow of February 2012, near Nuoro

In winter it does rain, but the conditions to form snow of any real consequence is a rare occurrence.

However, the Gennargentu mountains hold enough snow through the winter, to create a destination for winter sports. In fact, Sardinia has four main ski resorts. Including Bruncu Spina the most important ski resort in Sardinia.

It is equipped with two ski lifts, a 200-metre long manoeuvre for the school camp and a 926-metre ski lift with an hourly capacity of 800 people, taking them up to an altitude of 1820 metres.There are three slopes and one off-piste with a total length of over three km.

Jason Matthew Warland

Sardinia is a place beyond time. I visited the island for the first time over five years ago to volunteer on a farm. Now, I am living in the United Kingdom, working in regenerative agriculture ( but every time I have a holiday it will be in Sardinia. And maybe one day I will be able to combine my passions for agriculture and Sardinia together once again. Thanks for reading the article I hope it was useful to you.

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