Total Sardinia began in October 2019, after returning to Sardinia for the sixth time. I first came to this island to volunteer on a sustainable project and was quickly blown away by the beauty and culture here.

As I began to learn more about Sardinia my curiosity kept growing. Sardinia is full of mystery’s, and age-old traditions.

Sardinia is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, today it’s beginning to catch up with other destinations around Europe as a sort after holiday location.

I created this website because I believe that Sardinia is misunderstood. I want to promote the authentic Sardinia which I have experienced, such as the rich traditions, farm stays, ancient sites, and beautiful nature, which is often overshadowed by the luxurious resorts of Costa Smerlada which attracts celebrities to Sardinia.

Now, I am staying in a small town in the north of Sardinia, which is my base from where I explore Sardinia. I am learning to live with the changes of the seasons. Including, harvesting olives in Autumn, learning viniculture with the local winemaker, and working on a permaculture project.

I’m learning Italian (so I can drive deeper into the incredible history of this island and have more meaningful conversations with local Sardinians), as well as making road trips across the island.

I still have much to learn about Sardinia, I hope you will join more on this journey. Much of what I have learned I have written about in this blog, this information will help you plan and enjoy your holiday in Sardinia.

about sardinia

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