Could we work together?

I have only just began my journey, writing about, and exploring this incredible island.  

I want to promote sustainable travel experiences across Sardinia. The culture of the land has been formed with a close connection to nature. I believe the best holidays are not in the infamous beach resorts, but instead what the local people & local business of Sardinia can offer. 

These include Agriturismo, Ecotours, Sustainable Resorts & Bike Tours. They have the least impact on the environment but offer memorable, authentic experiences across Sardinia. 

Ways we can work together?

Are you a local Sardinian business offering incredible experiences to tourists showcasing Sardinian culture. 

Whether you are a wine maker offering tours, an organic agritursimo, or a city guide. I am able to put your business in front of potential customers. 

Customer that are looking for great experiences in Sardinia, without carrying an ecological cost to the pristine environment. 

Contact me

My name is Jason. You can email me at:

I hope to hear from you!