Finding the best beaches in Sardinia

Finding the best beaches in Sardinia

There are thousands of beaches across Sardinia. If you have plenty of time on your trip to Sardinia, then a beach road trip is a must.

Pack your bags full of supplies and hit the road with your friends. There’s no better way to explore Sardinia. Pick a coast and begin your beach hunts.

Each coastline filled with stunning beaches, some make the Instagram pages, while others remain hidden and untouched.

If you’re here on holiday, it will be useful to find great beaches near to where you are staying. Also, if you are on the island during a very popular time theses apps will help you locate some of the less crowded beaches.

Sardinia Beaches

This app has a map showing you most of the beaches across the island. Each beach has a page, with pictures and ratings.

You can save your favorite beaches, beaches to visit and visited beaches, which is useful when you’ve on a road trip down the coast visiting beaches. You can save beaches to return to one day.

A very useful feature informs you what the surface is like if there is sand, rocks, or maybe a combination.

The application also gives you directions, so you can waste no time heading to the beach.

Beach Explorer Northern Sardinia (BENS)

This app was created by the blog This app gives you detailed information for many of the beaches in Northern Sardinia. Ranking them on Popularity, Nature, Accessibility, and History. 

Each beach is given a description including services at the beach, parking, accessibility, and even the popular sports played on the beach.