Why should you visit Sardinia?


Sardinia is one of the most overlooked holiday destinations in Europe. The Italian island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean is a perfect holiday location. There are idyllic beaches, elegant coastal towns, ancient ruins, rich culture, luxurious resorts, and vast untouched nature. 

Why you should visit sardinia
There are over 7,000 ancient Nuraghi throughout Sardinia

A timeless atmosphere

It would have been to easy to have begun my reasoning with the pristine beaches that adorn this island. I want to instead start with the atmosphere on this island, as it is like no other place. Nature, history, culture, and people come together to create a magical, timeless atmosphere across the island.

The island is full of mystery, and the landscape is embedded with ancient ruins, sacred sites, upon a rugged countryside. Much of Sardinia is wild, including mountain ranges, nature reserves, and expansive coastline.

The ancient ruins invite travelers to trace the past of this island, seeing the remains of civilizations that lived on the island over 3000 years ago. The best words in English to understand the atmosphere of Sardinia come from DH Lawerence, who traveled through Sardinia “This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself”. 

The most idyllic beaches in Europe

Sardinia boasts an abundance of majestic beaches, along its 1849 km coastline. I’ve explored countless incredible beaches. I understand why Sardinia is known for having the best beaches in Europe.

During the summer, famous beaches become heavily crowded. But you can always find untouched beaches anytime in the year if you are willing to explore. Some beaches are wild and can only be reached on foot with a backpack of supplies.

Many tourists come to Sardinia for its beaches; remember not to neglect everything else in Sardinia, which is waiting to be explored and experienced. 

The remains of an ancient island

When you head out into the countryside, you will see the ancient Sardinia. Ancient sites have been discovered all across the island.

Nuraghi dominate the prehistoric landscape; there are over 7000; thousands more could be hidden or lost by time. The giant’s tombs, also from the megalithic period, named for their gigantic dimensions, can be found in Sardinia facing the constellation of Taurus.

Large hollowed-out rocks known as Domus de Janas or faerie houses can be found which predate the Nuraghi. They are large echoing chambers often filled with magical and spiritual symbols.

Rugged and untouched nature

The nature of Sardinia is one of the main reasons why I keep coming back to this island.

Sardinia is full of forests, mountains, lagoons, and wetlands. The landscapes are full of beauty and power. A vast network of rivers run through the land, creating many waterfalls before meeting the lakes and the sea.

Barbagia is the mountainous region of Sardinia, named by Cicero, who described it as the land of barbarians. There are so many outdoor activities in this region and many beautiful towns that have kept their culture untouched. The island invites you to explore on foot, by bike or car.

Rich culture & traditions

culture is one of the reasons why you should visit sardinia

Sardinia is rich in traditions and customs of ancient roots that have been handed down for generations to the present day.

Traditions change from village to village. There is a great sense of pride in the rich culture, which is expressed through elaborate festivals that take place throughout the year. 

Cantu a tenore is the most ancient Sardinian music, created by shepherds during long moments of isolation while watching over their flock in the countryside.

The enchanting music signs about life in nature and the hard work alone in the wilderness. The sound is unique, and its vibrations find a way into your body

Perfect for walking

Sardinia has some of the most beautiful places to walk on the continent. Every area of Sardinia has something for all levels, from casual walking, hikes, to more strenuous treks.

The mountainous interior invites enthusiasts to explore its wild mountains, prehistoric ruins, marquis vegetation, and dense forests.

The Sardinia landscape is rugged but unspoiled. Well maintained paths and marked paths are rare (but that’s changing.) I recommend bringing a good map with you if you are heading out on longer walks, look for local walking guides.

why you must visit sardinia

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