Three Beaches In Sardinia That You Must Visit

Sardinia a picturesque place filled with adventures for you. Whether you wish to take a break from your monotonous routine or you desperately need a vacation, Sardinia is a heaven on Earth awaiting you. There are multiple options for staying in Sardinia nearby the beach that will give you great views of sea waves crashing on the shore. You will sense romance in the salty air of this place, which is perfect for honeymoon couples. Not only that, Sardinia is indeed a delightful place to visit with the scenery of its jaw-dropping sunsets and mesmerizing landscape.

The beaches of Sardinia

If you are interested in knowing about Sardinia’s beaches, then you have ended at just the right place. Summers are here, and it’s time to get all your swimsuits out! Now is the time to get that perfect suntan on your body, while listening to the relaxing sound of flamingos flapping their wings on the beach? Who doesn’t crave the warmth of summer sunshine and the relaxing ambiance of beaches in summers? The beaches of Sardinia offer you different activities which are fun-filled and adventurous. You can taste that adrenaline rush and try new activities here like water skating and cliff diving.

Summers are indeed the best time to bond with your family and capture some memories. Sardinia comes with an opportunity for you to enjoy your leisure time with your family. The beaches in Sardinia are a great tourist attraction. That time of the year has arrived when it is most appropriate to talk about beaches. However, you cannot miss out Sardinia beaches while talking about some of the gorgeous mixtures of sunlight, water, and sand. Here are the three stunning Sardinia beaches you don’t want to miss out!

Poetto (Cagliari)

With a length of 8 km, the beautiful Poetto beach stretches from Sella del Diavolo and marks its end at Quartu Sant’Elena. You must be thinking about what makes Poetto special. Well, it’s the scenery!

On its right side, there’s a breath-taking view of Sella del Diavolo. You will find a stunning nature park (Parco di Molentargius) right behind it. The park is known for its incredible amount of diverse bird species including pink flamingoes.

Poetto is one of the most visited and appreciated beaches that Sardinia possesses. There is a large selection of places to rent umbrellas and sunbeds; there is many lifeguards and children entertainment as well.

Moreover, restaurants and ice cream places make sure you never get too hungry or too hot. If you are all about running, biking, or skating, Poetto’s waterfront is a perfect place for you. Poetto is where most of Cagliari’s people exercise.

Costa Rei (Muravera)

Sitting on the southeast coast of Sardinia island, Costa Rei stands out with its gorgeous 12 km long fine golden sand. With its incredibly crystal-clear water and parking lots scattered along the beach, it is undoubtedly best for families with children. What makes it a perfect deal is the fact that it’s fully serviced. There are kiosks along the beach, and it is possible to rent umbrellas as well as sunbeds.

Costa Rei is packed with a lot of activities and offers more than just relaxing in the sun and cooling down in the water. Most kiosks have an agency attached which offers SUP, windsurf, and kitesurf. Moreover, you can also rent a zodiac or get a boat tour to visit a nearby island. You are also offered with beach hopping. It has one of the best diving sites, “Sant’Elmo’s Rock.”

Now if you are heading to Costa Rei, here is a personal tip: get up before the sun to experience some breath-taking sunrise.

 Cala Pira (Castiadas)

Located near Costa Rei, Cala Pira is one of the beaches I visit the most. It is small enough to feel protected and compact, but big enough to have enough space for your umbrella or stretch out. Its white sand makes it look clean and pretty. Moreover, looking at the waters of Cala Pira, you feel like you are looking at a million shades of blue. Its water is shallow, and thus, it is an excellent place for families with children. Looking at its location carefully, I realized that the best time to truly appreciate the colors in the morning and the early afternoon.

You will also find an old Spanish watchtower on its north that is an impressive sight to have as you get an incredible view of the beach from there. Moreover, you can also let your inner child out and build some sandcastles on the shore. Besides, what’s better than traveling down your childhood memory lane in an exotic and peaceful location?

Moreover, Cala Pira has lots of activities for you. It is a fantastic place to relax and go snorkeling. Boat trips depart from Costa Rei and will stop at some of the gorgeous beaches in Sardinia. Cala Pira serviced by a kiosk at the main entrance. You can rent chairs, umbrellas and have a sweet cozy drink and meal.

Personal tip: in the times of heavy mistral wind that blows through Costa Rei, Cala Pira is nicely protected.

As amazed as you might be by the stunning beauty of the Sardinia beaches, the fact that these were just three of a large number of mesmerizing and eye-catching beaches. If you are deciding where to do for a perfect beach holiday, you can stop looking elsewhere. Sardinia’s beaches do not only supply you with an ideal mix of sun, land, and water but are also well managed and correctly serviced.

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