16 interesting facts about Sardinia

16 interesting facts about Sardinia


Sardinia has a population of 1.65 million, the largest cities are Cagliari (154,000), Sassari (127,500) & Alghero (44,000.) Sardinia is a fairly peaceful island, incredibly the Island of Sicily is 6.74% larger than Sardinia but the population is 206.5% bigger. 

Over 7000 prehistoric archaeological sites

Thousand of Nuraghe are spread out across the island, more concentrated on the west of the island. This equates to a Nuraghe in every 5 square kilometers of land. They are huge cone-like towers made up of giant stones. They were constructed by the Nuraghic Civilisation who roaded the island from 1800 BC to 500 BC, though little is known about them. 

1,849 kilometers coastline

Sardinia has a 1,849 kilometers (1,149 miles) coastline, the appearance changes often from rocky coastline to picturesque beaches. 

The island of Asinara

The island in the north-west of Sardinia has had an interesting history being used as a prisoner of war camp during the first world war. Then in the 1970s, the prison facilities were remade to hold mafia members and terrorists. 

Today, it is a national park and home to a population of wild albino donkeys and one man or woman, according to the 2001 consensus. 

Giants of Mont’e Prama

A collection of ancient stone sculptures crafted by the Nuragic Civilization were found by accident in 1974. They comprise one of the most significant discoveries in art history this century. 

Blue Zone

The island of Sardinia is the first blue zone to have been declared.A blue zone is an area where there is a high level of longevity, typically a large number of a population over 100 years of age.


The term “sardine” was first used in English during the early 15th century and is believed to have derived from Sardinia, where Sardines used to be very abundant

Casu marzu

Possibly the most dangerous cheese in the world. A sheep cheese that is infested with maggots to change the taste. It often makes an appearance at weddings and other celebrations, Sardinians claim the cheese is an aphrodisiac. 

Consumption of beer

Sardinia has the highest consumption of beer per capita twice the average of Italy

Sea and Sardinia 

A popular travel book was written by English writer D.H Lawrence after he traveled through Sardinia in 1921 with his wife. They visited Cagliari, Mandas, Sorgono, and Nuoro. They also travel on the Trenino Verde, a tourist train still in use today, with the same carriage which they traveled in. 

No Motorways

Sardinia is the only region of Italy that doesn’t have a motorway. Although the SS131 highway does a good job at linking the cities of Sardinia together.

The Lost City of Atlantis 

Writer and Journalist Sergio Fra, one of the founders of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica believes that Sardinia is the remains of the legendary city that Plato referred to in Timaeus. 


There are 4 million sheep in Sardinia, meaning that there is more than twice the amount of sheep than people. 

The Stright of Bonifacio

This 11 km area of water separates Corsica and Sardinia. Corsica immediately to the north shares some cultural similarities to Sardinia.  

Punta La Marmora

Punta La Marmora is the highest mountain in Sardinia, its summit is at 1,834m. 

The Sardinian Flag

The flag of Sardinia shows four moors heads that represent Moorish kings defeated in combat by the Crown of Aragon and the cross of Saint George.