What’s The Highest Point In Sardinia?

The mountain of Punta La Marmora, known as Perdas Carpias in the Sardinian language, is the highest point in Sardinia. The summit of Punta La Marmora is at an elevation of 1,834m or 6,017ft above sea level.

The mountain resides in the Gennargentu mountain range, slightly east of the center of Sardinia, the mountain crosses into the provinces of Ogliasta and Nuoro. The summit on a good clear day offers views of the entire island, showing the outline of the coastline. During the winter months, you’ll most likely find snow at the top.

Sardinia only has four mountains that are over 1000m, the next most enormous mountains on the island following La Marmora are, Monte Limbara at 1,356m, Monte Linas at 1,216 and Monte Caravius at 1,162m. The active stratovolcano of Etna in Sicily towers high above any mountain on either of the Italian islands, it stands at 3,326m.

Sardinia doesn’t have any large mountain ranges; typically, there is a small assortment of mountains not spreading out further than 20km. What the mountains lack in height, they make up for in character and appearance. Many peaks of Sardinia are rugged, only experienced hikers and climbers can navigate the paths leading to the top.

What Are The Highest Mountains Of Sardinia

La Marmora (Perdas Carpias in Sardo) 1,834 meters (6,017 ft)
Monte Corrasi1,463 meters (4,800 ft)
Mount Limbara (Monte de Limbara)1,362 meters (4,468 ft)
Monte Rasu1,259 meters (4,131 ft)
Monte Linas1,236 meters (4,055 ft)
Monte Albo (Monte Arbu in Sardo)1,127 meters (3,698 ft)
Mount Ortobene955 meters (3,133 ft)
Monte Arcosu948 meters (3,110 ft)
Monte Arci812 meters (2,664 ft)
Monte Arcuentu785 meters (2,575 ft)
Monte Santo (Monte Santu in Sardo)733 meters (2,405 ft)

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