The Best Places In Sardinia For Nightlife

Sardinia is popularly known as a trendy destination, and it is not only famous for its mesmerizing coastline but also its legendary nightlife.

nightlife in sardinia

Sardinian has a pretty laid-back nightlife unless you head to the chi-chi bars located in Costa Smeralda, but for most of us tourists we are contented with just having a sundowner which is then followed by a good dinner. The locals in Sardinia also have a dynamic musical culture which has had significant influence from the numerous invaders over the past centuries, forming something entirely new yet with hints of other cultures. The best place to experience the Sardinian music is at one of the countless festivals that take place in the region throughout the year.

Costa Smeralda

This luxurious oasis probably needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway. The Costa Smeralda is popularly known as the nightlife capital in Sardinia, and the three most popular towns are Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, and Baja Sardinia. The area attracts heaps of international party-goers, and it offers trendy clubs, mind-blowing coasts, and parties on the beach. A great place to stay for the nightlife and one of the most exclusive parts of the island. Popular with celebrities, the rich and models this location often spams Instagram. You are also going to find numerous other towns close to Costa Smeralda with an ample nightlife such as Golfo Aranci, Palau, and Cannigione.

San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a small town located about 60km from Olbia on the northern coast of Sardinia. Although San Teodoro is a small town, it punches well above its weight when it comes to its mind-blowing nightlife. It is among the liveliest cities in Sardinia. The city clustered with disco, pubs, restaurants, markets, and beaches to explore.

Santa Teresa Di Gallura

Nestled away on the northern coast of Sardinia. Santa Teresa di Gallura is another town that has made it onto my list as it is home to some of the most famous Sardinian nightclubs. The city also attracts young tourists and locals because of its nightlife and magnificent beaches that you can visit. If you’re in Santa Teresa during a full moon, then head out to the Valle Della Luna for a big celebration and a dance around the fire.

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Alghero is on the northwestern coast of Sardinia. The city is one of the most picturesque towns in Sardinia, with a lively nightlife scene, mainly filled with tourists during the summer, which makes it a perfect place to stay. You can enjoy the beautiful streets and many bars and clubs. While being in an ideal location to explore the island. Also, it is home to an airport, making it an excellent place for short holidays or weekend breaks.


This town is a perfect destination to go if you want to explore some of the most mesmerizing beaches of South Sardinia. Villasimius has also grown in popularity over the years as a great place to enjoy Sardinian nightlife with numerous clubs and beaches surrounding the town. The best thing about Villasimius is that it is the capital of Sardinia and it is located 50km from Cagliari.

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