What religion is Sardinia?

What religion is Sardinia?

Sardinia is still fiercely Christian. The majority of Sardinians have been baptized as Roman Catholic, much like their Italian counterparts. A 5th of the population still attends Sunday mass, one of the lowest turnouts in Italy. 

The passage of time in Sardinia, is marked by the multitude of religious festivals that take place throughout the year. With grand precessions carrying Saints through towns, feasts, and celebrations. There is always an event to look forward to, and a great chance to see the whole village out on the streets celebrating. Although, many festivities originate from a time before Christianity arrived in Sardinia. 

The Roman Empire is responsible for the integration of Christianity into Sardinian society. The Sardinian countryside is lavished with small churches, found solitary in the middle of open fields or resting on the top of hills. Many churches are believed to have been build on top of sacred spiritual sites, near a water source.  Many small villages in Sardina will have more than four churches. Many churches are now abandoned but are very interesting to visit and walk around the ruins. There are also numerous shrines to the Virgin Mary, adorning many roadsides across the inland. 

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