Where to stay?

Where To Stay In Sardinia?

There are many different places to stay in Sardinia. The legendary beaches led to a boom in tourist facilities. There are hotels, resorts, B&Bs, apartments, camping sites, agriturismo, and hostels right across the island.

Accommodation is cheaper than the rest of Italy. However, most places become fully booked during the summer. Its advisable to book a place to stay as early as possible, to avoid disappointment. If you plan to visit Sardinia outside of July & August, with a little careful planning, you can save 50%. Accommodation inland is typically more affordable, the further from the sea. Sardinia is much more than only stunning beaches, don’t be afraid to journey inland.

Staying In A Hotel In Sardinia

There is a spectrum of hotels in Sardinia. You should take star ratings with a pinch of salt, in Italy hotels are graded on the facilities, lesser hotels with excellent facilities can punch above their weight.

It’s often the case that smaller family-run hotels in Sardinia, offer the best value accommodation, providing the most gracious service and authentic experience. Local tourist offices will have a list of all the nearby hotels.

In Sardinia, the quality of hotels can vary enormously. Although there isn’t much difference in a four-star and five-star hotel; they both offer a first-class service.

As will all other types of accommodation in Sardinia, hotels will become fully booked during the summer. It’s essential to book in advance to find a room. When demand is high establishments will require that you take half or full boards, sometimes they will require a minimum stay of 3 nights or even a week.

Hotels vary dramatically from the small inland family-run hotels to luxurious hotel complexes with swimming pools, tennis courts, and private beaches.

staying at a hotel in sardinia

Staying In A Bed And Breakfast In Sardinia

B&Bs have quickly spread across Sardinia. Families have begun to rent out their rooms, knowing that they can offer authenticity, comfort, and great prices.

Staying in at a Bed and Breakfast is a great way to save money, with prices beginning at 25 euros. Like all accommodation, quality can vary, it’s not always reflected in the price. Many B&Bs will have all the facilities that you would associate with a 3-star hotel, yet with a better and more considerate breakfast.

Rooms are clean and comfortable and set apart from the families living quarters. Rooms will either have an en-suite bathroom or one nearby.

In Sardinia, you may come across B&Bs referred to an ‘affittacamere,’ this is just a bureaucratic term to describe a B&B with more than three rooms, but it’s essentially the same.

B&Bs are located right across Sardinia in all towns. It is excellent for organizing trips across Sardinia and exploring many of the hidden gems. It also lets you interact with local Sardinians, so you can learn more about the rich culture and get some recommendations.

Staying At A Sardinia Agriturismo

They had previously remained as Italy’s best-kept secret. An agriturismo is a working farm that provides accommodation to tourists. Its gives you an authentic holiday in some of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia.

As you may expect, the whole experience is rather informal; most of the time, your hosts are working full time on their farm. There is no concierge or room service; this is not a luxury hotel. But you can expect a healthy dose of Sardinian hospitality and a very warm welcome. The guests usually stay at the farmhouse or an annex build on.

Staying on a farm is also a great value when compared to hotels — usually ranging from €30- €70 per night. A farm stay is suited for everyone, whether you are coming to Sardinia for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or passing through on a bike tour. A farmhouse offers relaxation, entertainment, and privacy.

One of the truly great parts of an agriturismo is the food, which is sourced directly from the farm. Each dish incorporates as many in-season ingredients from the farm or nearby suppliers as possible, and this includes wines, local cheese, vegetables, and meats.

a flock sardinian sheep in the road

Camping In Sardinia

Camping is the most affordable type of accommodation in Sardinia. There are over 90 graded campsites and over 200 in total across the island. They situated mainly on the coast. Inland campsites are often part of a hotel or agriturismo.

Campsites are frequently located in pine or eucalyptus groves. Many sites have several cabins or bungalows available with a well-equipped kitchen, for those not wanting to camp.

Sites vary from simple amenities to a complex of facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, supermarkets, discos, surfing lessons, and bars. Some camps will charge extra for the use of showers.

In the summer months, particularly July and August prices can be surprisingly high, and campsites will be full. Make sure you call ahead or book in advance to guarantee a place.

Campsites are typically open from Easter to mid-October, some also open during the Christmas period.

Wild camping is not permitted in Sardinia. Providing you are discrete, quiet, and don’t make any fires you can get away with it. Although it is frowned upon in tourist areas and viewed suspicion by locals, ask for permission, if you plan to camp on private land.

campsite in sardinia

Staying In A Hostel

There are only a handful of hostels in Sardinia. There are some official youth hostels run by Associazione Italiana Alberghi per la Gioventu, located in Cagliari, Porto Torres, and Pula.

Availability is fairly limited at all times, and you will need to book well in advance.