Useful Information For When Visiting Sardinia • Visa’s, Taxes, Opening Times

Safety, Language, Money, Opening Times And Accommodation Tax

Is Sardinia Safe For Tourists?

Sardinia is incredibly safe for tourists. Sardinians are initially reserved, but once they get to know you and little, they are very kind, and welcoming people. The coastal areas are more used to tourists than the inland regions.

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The Language Of Sardinia 

Italian is the first language of Sardinia, although the rich Sardinian language, Sardo is still widely spoken by 78% of the population. 

If you are traveling to Sardinia, you may want to learn a few Italian phrases to be polite, although many Sardinia’s will speak English.

The services in cities and tourist areas will have English speaking staff.

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Visas And Passports

European Union (EU) residents and visitors from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia need no visa for a stay of up to three months.

Information concerning permits can be obtained at your nearest Italian consulate.

Non-EU citizens must carry a valid passport, while EU citizens can travel on a national ID card. We advise you to check the travel requirement before going to Sardinia.

Opening Hours In Sardinia

Museums and archaeological sites are usually open every day except Monday.

In winter some sites may close in the afternoon and hours in the summer are extended into the late evening.

Shops are open from 8-9 am until 1 pm and then from 4-5 pm until 7-8 pm.

The shops are closed on Sundays.

Banks are usually open from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and 3 pm – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Banks are closed at the weekend and during public holidays.

Admission Prices

Entrance fees for Museums, archaeological sites and galleries vary between €2 to €12.

Sponsored exhibitions are often free of charge, and most local government galleries offer free entrance or a reduced fee to under-18s, senior citizens and students.


The euro € is the common currency of the European Union.

 ATMs are called Bancomat in Italy and can usually be found wherever there is a bank. The cost for cash withdrawals is set by your bank.

ATMs can run out of cash at weekends and during holidays.

Accommodation Tax

In some regions of Sardinia, there is an accommodation tax.

We understand that it begins on 1st June 2019 and is operational until 30th September 2019.

This would be €2 per person per night in 4 & 5-star hotel, €1.50 for 3-star hotel and accommodation and €1 for 2 or 1-star hotels

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Jason Matthew Warland

Sardinia is a place beyond time. I visited the island for the first time over five years ago to volunteer on a farm. Now, I am living in the United Kingdom, working in regenerative agriculture ( but every time I have a holiday it will be in Sardinia. And maybe one day I will be able to combine my passions for agriculture and Sardinia together once again. Thanks for reading the article I hope it was useful to you.

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