Is Sardinia Windy?

Yes, the wind is a constant companion on the island of Sardinia. During October to April, the winds are especially present. This happens because of the northwest wind that blows in from southern France known as the mistral (Maestrale in Italian and Bentu Maeestrui in Sardo.) The winds Mistral typically last 1 or 2 days, as it settles in and can sometimes last for more than a week.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are very popular sports in Sardinia because of the great beaches and the wind. Across Sardinia, you can see oak trees, that have been bend to the south due to the Mistral winds that have traveled through Sardinia for centuries.

In the summer months, winds are normally welcomed because they bring a coolness to challenge the heat. However, once or twice a year the Sirocco winds rise up traveling north-east from the Sahara, bringing with it dry and dusty conditions. This lasts for a day or two.

When you come to Sardinia strong winds are unlikely but they do happen unexpectedly throughout the year. The winds are especially felt inland and across the valleys. Some beaches are exposed to the winds but there are many beaches that are protected by mountains, bays, and cliffs. The strong winds won’t spoil your holiday, Sardinia is a big island and there are many beautiful beaches and locations that are protected or away from the winds.