Is The Sea In Sardinia Warm?

The temperature of the sea in Sardinia varies throughout the year. It is the warmest in August exceeding temperatures of 26 °C degrees. The sea is at its coldest in February, it then begins to warm up slowly until May, before starting to cool down again in October. July, August, and September is when the sea is at its warmest

is the sea in sardinia warm

The best way to embrace Sardinia is to swim in the idyllic waters, that meet the island on every side. Sardinia sits in the Mediterranean sea, the largest sea not to be called an ocean. This vast body of water was home to many of the worlds most ancient civilizations.

how warm is the sea in sardinia, graph

The temperature of the sea is primarily affected by the sun. The sun is nearly always a constant feature for life on the island. Its appearance gives the sea surrounding Sardinia time to absorb the energy emitted and become very warm. For example, in June you can expect 11 hours of sunshine, which is a good indicator of why the sea jumps in temperature during this month. In July the sun manages to shine for 12 hours, this is double the amount of sunshine during the same month in the United Kingdom, which explains why the English channel remains bitterly cold.

You’ll Be Very Brave To Swim In Winter In Sardinia

In January the sea temperature is around 14 °C degrees, unpleasantly cold. You won’t see anybody swimming in these temperatures.

In February the temperatures go down to even colder level before rising in March.

From April The Sea Begins To Warm Up Again

In April the temperature jumps up by 2 °C degrees averaging out at 15.3 °C degrees which is about the same that you would find in mid-summer around the British Isles. The month of May is when things begin to pick up, and the long hours of sunshine increase the sea temperature. With max temperatures of 20.8 °C degrees having been recorded in both Cagliari and Alghero the median temperature throughout the month.

The temperature of the water is subjective to you and your past experiences. But generally water over 18 °C degrees is considered warm for swimming. So in May, you can expect to see people starting to arrive onto the beaches and beginning to test the water.

The Sea Is Nice And Warm For The Summer Months On Sardinia

In June there is another massive jump in the heat, with an average of 22 °C degrees. The temperature continues to rise in July before peaking in August with average temperatures of 24.5 °C degrees. July and August are the times when Sardinia is at its warmest and busiest as Italians and tourists alike travel to the island during the school breaks for holidays. These two months are also when the sea is at its warmest, making for delightful swimming.

The Temperature Of The Sea After Summer

Now the sun has been warming the ocean for the last three months meaning of the sea will remain warm even when the sun is not as intense as the previous months. The temperature will slowly dwindle through September but still averaging at 23.5 °C degrees before decreasing by a further 2 °C degrees during October. The sea temperature in November is still able to match the heights of May when the sun was beginning to shine a longer part of the day. However, December comes with a dramatic fall in the temperature, decreasing by 4 °C degrees.

What Changes The Temperature Of The Sea?

The sun dictates the temperature of the sea, depending on the amount of energy focused on the surface of the sea. Beaches with a shallow Bay are warmer because there is less depth to be warmed. There are many beaches with a very shallow bay, I’ve swum in bays that frankly look like swimming pools. The water is crystal clear, and you can touch the sea basin with your own feet. The sea temperature can also be affected by the currents and the winds.

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