101+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most overlooked holiday destinations in Europe. The Italian island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean is a perfect holiday location. There are idyllic beaches, elegant coastal towns, ancient ruins, rich culture, luxurious resorts, and vast untouched nature. 

I’ve put together a list of 101 reasons why you should visit Sardinia. Let’s begin…

  1. The Beaches – Sardinia boasts 1800km of unspoilt coastline and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe
  2. An Abundance of Festivals – Festivals are happening all year round in Sardinia, taking place in different locations each week. In late winter and early spring villages host elaborate festivals showcasing traditional Sardinian costumes and culture
  3. Luxury – The Costa Smeralda is 55km of exquisite coastline, filled with exclusive clubs, bars, golf courses, and sandy white beaches. 
  4. Sardinia is full of history – This island has been invaded countless times in ancient times because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean, the remains of different cultures and influences can still be seen across Sardinia
  5. World-Class Wine – Don’t be disappointed, You are sure to enjoy the Sardinian wines. Speciality wines include Cannanou and Vermentino. There are also many wine tours across Sardinia
  6. Nature Reserves – There are 15 nature reserves in Sardinia, including Asinara Island which is home to rare albino donkeys and a park full of Pink Flamingos in the south
  7. The Mirto Berry – This wonderful fruit resembling the colour and size of blueberry are used in many Sardinian recipes, but most famous this sweet berry is made into a liquor which is a great after-meal digestive  
  8. The Weather – The climate in Sardinia is very enjoyable, especially for those of us coming from Northern Europe. Sardinia is known for its 6-month summer, leaving plenty of time for you to head to the beach
  9. Ancient Sardinia – I have already mentioned history, but Sardinia has remnants from before the Greek father of History. Sardinia was once home to a very ancient civilization who built over 7000 Nuraghes across Sardinia, and have forever left their mark on the island
  10. Timeless Atmosphere – Sardinia is a great place to unwind, it’s hard to explain but Sardinia feels outside of time 
  11. Delightful towns – All across Sardinia you will find beautiful towns that are great to explore, perfect for a romantic evening meal or a light stroll
  12. Sardinia is an affordable holiday destination – Aside from the famous Costa Smeralda, Sardinia is a very inexpensive holiday destination. And if you ask me, the best parts of the island exist outside of this exclusive area
  13. The Off-season – The island becomes quiet from September to May, but prices go down, and there is still so much to do
  14. Family-friendly – There is plenty of activity’s for children to do if they get bored of the beaches there are kids clubs, water parks. As well as different types of holidays such as camping
  15. Direct flights from all across Europe – You can fly from London, Paris, Berlin, and countless other cities from across Europe, there are even budget airlines that fly into Sardinia, and you can find tickets for under 50 Euros
  16. Incredible Landscapes – There are many spaces in Sardinia where you can feel natures power, there are many horizons to be reached that overlook forests, seas and lush countryside
  17. Agriturismo – Aside from staying in a hotel, you can stay at a Sardinian agriturismo, one of Italy’s best keep secrets. Stay in accommodation on a working farm, enjoy the beautiful countryside and dishes made with fresh ingredients from the farm. Many Agriturismi are open for lunch, and I highly recommend trying the food there
  18. Lots of different sports – Diving, Trekking, Kitesurfing, Snorkelling, and even Skiing
  19. A wide variety of fruitsSardinia has some of the tastiest fruits, especially the figs Summer, and the pomegranates in Autumn
  20. There are cheap boats and ferries to Sardinia – you can take the ferry from Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples, Livorno, and even Barcelona
  21. Sardinia is the only part of Italy not at risk of having an earthquake
  22. You can find deserted beaches (even in the middle of summer, if you are willing to search) 
  23. Sardinia has hundreds of coastal trails waiting to be explored
  24. Wildlife – The island of Sardinia is home to many wondrous animals, on land, in the sea, and birds in the sky. If you’re lucky you may spot the wild Giara horse with is a breed native to Sardinia
  25. Sardinia is one of the only seven blue zones in the world – meaning its a place with very high longevity, the Sardinians must be doing something right
  26. Very light traffic – I have only ever seen traffic stop in the middle of Cagliari or the countryside when waiting for sheep the pass by. But due to the low population and spacious island traffic is a very rare occurrence
  27. Generous portions at restaurants – Sardinian’s eat very well, and larger meals provide more time for conversations
  28. A slow lifestyle leaving time to relax – coming to Sardinia means you have to adapt to the stress-free attitude and relax
  29. Many sweet treats for you to try – Such as Torrone, Seadus, and Amaretto
  30. Lots of tasty seafood – it’s an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, what did you expect?
  31. Most of the ferries to Sardinia travel through the night – So you can sleep and wake up on this mysterious island
  32. There are plenty of places on the island to rent a car from
  33. A perfect location for kitesurfing and windsurfing – wind and crystal clear waters
  34. You’re never too far away from a bar – a place where you can mingle with locals and even taste the beer of choice in Sardinia: Ichnusa (named after the Greek name for Sardinia)
  35. There are many campsites positioned right next to the beach – perfect for a family holiday
  36. Beauty – Sardinia is very beautiful, from wonderous nature to elegant towns
  37. Ecotourism – There are many ecotours taking place in Sardinia, as there is so much to see. A great way to spend a day, learning about nature and respecting the natural environment
  38. The bread – Sardinia has a very rich bread culture, Pane Carasau is one of the most popular, it’s a flat crispy bread, that was originally made so Shepards to take it into the field for days without it going bad
  39. Sardinians history and traditions have been well documented in the many museums up and down the island
  40. Sardinia is a different experience to Italy – Sardinia offers the traveller a whole new experience, Sardinia has its own identity
  41. A rich tradition of handcrafts which continues to this day – every area of Sardinia is famous for a different craft, you can find yourself a beautiful souvenier
  42. You can cross paths with celebrities, politicians, and millionaires in the Costa Smeralda if that’s what you want to do
  43. Workers in the tourist areas of Sardinia will usually speak English
  44. Although Sardinia is very different than Italy, you can always order an espresso and make breakfast like the Italians
  45. The public transport is very good value
  46. You can find Yoga lessons on the beach in the mornings
  47. Sardinia is a melting pot – Arabs once ruled Sardinia, as did the Spanish, and French before the Italians. This island has been influenced by many cultures, you can see this in the bright traditional clothing, and even in the languages
  48. Interesting rock formations – no kidding I have seen it all in Sardinia, even an Elephant outside Castlesardo, and a Moon Scape near Santa Teresa
  49. There are three different airports, Alghero, Olbia, and Cagliari, making it easier to arrive at where you’re staying
  50. The air is very clean 
  51. Amazing nightlife – especially low key nightclubs on the beach during the summers, a great place to meet people and watch the sunset
  52. Cagliari is a perfect place for a city break to Sardinia – a highly cultured city, with plenty to see and enjoy
  53. Yes, I admit there are some cold days in Sardinia – but an average of 11.c in February, with highs of 15.c, isn’t bad, considering London is a chilly 7.c during this month
  54. You can experience Sardinia your way – whether you want luxury and thrills or not
  55. Caves are a consistent feature of Sardinia, and a lot of fun to explore – The Grotte Di Nettuno is one of the most popular, its pretty incredible
  56. The Beatles song Octopus’s Garden was inspired and written in Sardinia by Ringo Star, maybe a holiday here could give you some inspiration in your creative endeavours 
  57. Sardinia is still a hidden gem – Although in recent years Sardinia has become more popular, it’s still a well-kept secret for most of Europe, meaning that now is the best time to come, before floods of tourists identify this island
  58. Sardinia never ceases to amaze – the mountains, the seas, the countryside, around each new corner is a new delight
  59. Free music – Each town and village hosts wonderful events throughout the year, often there is a free music concert out in the public piazza
  60. All ages are welcome in Sardinia – There are activities for every age such as wildlife holidays, walking holidays, beach holidays and everything in between
  61. Unsolved mysterious – Sardinia is full of mysteries, some even say that it is the remnants of Atlantis from the writings of Plato
  62. Great sports teams to watch – if you want to catch a match of basketball or football then you may be in luck. There is a very successful basketball team from Sassari and the football team of Cagliari who can hold their own against some of the best teams in the Italian Serie A
  63. There is no mafia in Sardinia 
  64. You can have fries on top of your pizza – Sardinian kids love to order their pizza’s with fries on top, it’s a long way from the simple Marinara of Naples. That being said, there are some great Pizzerias in Sardinia 
  65. Road trips – Sardinia is set up perfectly for road trips, there are long coastal roads, and plenty of villages in all directions worth visiting. When you start exploring you’ll always find something interesting in Sardinia
  66. Sardinia is filled with Artists – Painters, Sculptures, and Musicians
  67. The Murals – Orgosolo is a town known across the world for its abundance of stunning and thought-provoking murals. Also, in towns across Sardinia, it is common to see murals painted on walls and buildings. They like to turn towns into art galleries
  68. Sardinians are friendly – They are reserved but once they get to know you, they are very kind and generous
  69. A perfect place for a romantic holiday – beaches, fantastic dining locations, luxury, and adventure, it all adds up to make a great destination for a romantic holiday, maybe even a honeymoon
  70. The best sunsets you will likely ever see – I can’t explain why but Sardinia never disappoints when it comes to a sunset
  71. The island is open for cyclists – there is a national cycle route that runs through Sardinia, why not begin in the north and cycle down to Cagliari. The island offers a constantly changing scenery, as well as challenging climbs but rewarding descents
  72. Sardinians have a very close relationship with nature – maybe you can learn something here to bring into your one life
  73. A chance to swim in the wonderfully clear and mostly warm sea – it’s one of the must-do activities during the summer
  74. It’s nice to drive in Sardinia – the winding roads and breathtaking views make it interesting to drive. Also, thankfully driving culture is not like what you find in Rome or Naples
  75. Holiday resorts – Sardinia has many resorts, which can take the hassle out of a holiday, so you can relax and catch some sun
  76. Learn about the Sardinia culture – It’s always interesting to learn about another culture, and implement the best parts into your own life
  77. Sardinian Cheeses – Sardinia is filled with sheep, in the past, most of the people of Sardinia, either worked the land or raised sheep. So as you can imagine there are a whole host of wonderful sheep cheeses, that have been perfected down the centries
  78. Spark your curiously – with thousands of ancient sites across Sardinia, it is sure to get you thinking and debating about how these ancient people lived
  79. Historic town centres – every town has a historic centre where you find many beautiful buildings, churches and places to see
  80. Hot springs – There are pools of natural thermal springs, where you can relax. Some are free while some are attached to Spa’s and wellness centres
  81. Escape the rush of life – Sardinia is a perfect place to unwind and recompose
  82. Sardinia beaches are unspoilt – there is a rule meaning that you cannot build to close to a beach, and also strict laws about taking sand from any beaches
  83. Gelato – A trip to the beach isn’t complete without ice cream, don’t worry there’s normally one nearby
  84. Practice your Italian – Sardinians speak Italian, although over 70% speak Sardo, which is the older language from the island. Anyway, if you know a few Italian phrases, then put them into use
  85. The drinks in most bars are very cheap, especially when compared to Northern Europe, buying a round of drinks for your friends doesn’t hurt the wallet too much
  86. Longer days – with more sunshine means longer days, giving you plenty of light hours to explore this island
  87. Sardinia is super safe – In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates of any region in Italy
  88. An island is just more exciting – let be honest an island is much more interesting to visit. Being out in the middle of the Mediterranean with only Corsica nearby means that Sardina has experienced moments of isolation, creating a stronger identity that can still be seen today
  89. There are many waterfalls – A great place for a picnic and a swim
  90. Very cheap flights from London
  91. There are many free things to do in Sardinia – you can still have a great time without breaking the bank
  92. Sardinia is great to visit all year round – there is always something to do, and explore. Although it is noticeably quieter and cooler in the offseason. But if that doesn’t bother you, then the islands all yours!
  93. There are lots of unusual things to do here if you’re looking for something different, such as Ancient wells and Anatomy Museums
  94. There are many fantastic guides are passionate and love sharing their island with you
  95. Sardinia rewards those who are willing to explore
  96. The largest towns and cities in Sardinia are hubs of activity, there are always events happening and something to see
  97. Shuttle Buses – in summer Sardinia has many shuttle buses that will take you to the seaside if you have no transport of your own
  98. Old Churches – Sardinia is filled with churches, many of which remain solitary in the countryside, many are closed but some are open. They are beautiful examples of some of the finest churches in Europe
  99. Wonderful local markets – where you can buy some great local produce, Cagliari even has one of the largest fresh food markets in Europe
  100. Sardinia is a great location to recalibrate and reestablish a connection to nature. The local people live by the different seasons of nature, and if you stay long enough so will you
  101. Something for everyone – On this island, there is so much to do, meaning that there is something that everyone will enjoy, whether it’s the beaches, ancient sites, culture, weather or food, Sardinia is a great holiday destination for all types of people, and all types of holidays

The truth is Sardinia is the perfect holiday destination in Europe. If I listed all the reasons, it would take days to read. Each year more and more tourists are discovering this hidden gem. Luckily it remains a hidden gem to most of Europe. For now, it’s still a doorway into another world, where a different sense of time prevails. A place where life is enjoyed and space is made to relax and breath.

Everyone wants and expects different thing’s from a holiday. This island has it all, but for those who are willing to explore, and travel through Sardinia will receive the highest rewards, as the secrets and beauty are unveiled.

These Are My Top 5 Reasons For Why You Should Visit Sardinia

A Timeless Atmosphere

It would have been to easy to have begun my reasoning with the pristine beaches that adorn this island. I want to instead start with the atmosphere on this island, as it is like no other place. Nature, history, culture, and people come together to create a magical, timeless atmosphere across the island.

The island is full of mystery, and the landscape is embedded with ancient ruins, sacred sites, upon a rugged countryside. Much of Sardinia is wild, including mountain ranges, nature reserves, and expansive coastline.

The ancient ruins invite travelers to trace the past of this island, seeing the remains of civilizations that lived on the island over 3000 years ago. The best words in English to understand the atmosphere of Sardinia come from DH Lawerence, who traveled through Sardinia “This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself”. 

The Most Idyllic Beaches In Europe

Sardinia boasts an abundance of majestic beaches, along its 1849 km coastline. I’ve explored countless incredible beaches. I understand why Sardinia is known for having the best beaches in Europe.

During the summer, famous beaches become heavily crowded. But you can always find untouched beaches anytime in the year if you are willing to explore. Some beaches are wild and can only be reached on foot with a backpack of supplies.

Many tourists come to Sardinia for its beaches; remember not to neglect everything else in Sardinia, which is waiting to be explored and experienced. 

The Remains Of An Ancient Island

When you head out into the countryside, you will see the ancient Sardinia. Ancient sites have been discovered all across the island.

Nuraghi dominate the prehistoric landscapOpens in a new tab.e; there are over 7000; thousands more could be hidden or lost by time. The giant’s tombs, also from the megalithic period, named for their gigantic dimensions, can be found in Sardinia facing the constellation of Taurus.

Large hollowed-out rocks known as Domus de Janas or faerie houses can be found which predate the Nuraghi. They are large echoing chambers often filled with magical and spiritual symbols.

Rugged And Untouched Nature

The nature of Sardinia is one of the main reasons why I keep coming back to this island.

Sardinia is full of forests, mountains, lagoons, and wetlands. The landscapes are full of beauty and power. A vast network of rivers run through the land, creating many waterfalls before meeting the lakes and the sea.

Barbagia is the mountainous region of Sardinia, named by Cicero, who described it as the land of barbarians. There are so many outdoor activities in this region and many beautiful towns that have kept their culture untouched. The island invites you to explore on foot, by bike or car.

Rich Culture And Traditions

Sardinia is rich in traditions and customs of ancient roots that have been handed down for generations to the present day.

Traditions change from village to village. There is a great sense of pride in the rich culture, which is expressed through elaborate festivals that take place throughout the year. 

Cantu a tenore is the most ancient Sardinian music, created by shepherds during long moments of isolation while watching over their flock in the countryside.

The enchanting music signs about life in nature and the hard work alone in the wilderness. The sound is unique, and its vibrations find a way into your body

Jason Matthew Warland

Sardinia is a place beyond time. I visited the island for the first time over five years ago to volunteer on a farm. Now, I am living in the United Kingdom, working in regenerative agriculture, and education. Eevery time I have a holiday it will be in Sardinia. And maybe one day I will be able to combine my passions for agriculture and Sardinia together once again. Thanks for reading the article I hope it was useful to you.

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